Numerous studies have shown that because of the way our bodies break down and absorb vitamin b12, taking vitamin B12 in pill form only results in a little more than 1% of it being absorbed into our system.  This is why you may know someone (as I do) that was prescribed vitamin B12 tablets by their doctor (for Chronic Fatigue Syndrome) that look like horsepills…and the daily dose on the bottle read 40,000%!

It’s not because they need that much B12, but because so little is actually making it into the bloodstream.

Swallowing 500 micrograms of vitamin b12 pills (a pretty standard dosage) will likely result in absorption of as little as 1.8 micrograms which means anyone trying to supplement their diet with Vitamin B12 by injesting pills is wasting their time and money. 

I didn’t realize any of this until my coworker was prescribed the vitamin b12 horsepills with 40,000% the daily dose.  I was surprised by two things:  (1)  that a doctor would’ve recommended something as simple as B12 for chronic fatigue …and (2) that the recommended dosage was so high.

That’s when I learned that Vitamin B12 is basically a super-supplement….impossible to take too much…necessary for everything from maintaining a high metabolism to proper nervous system functioning.  But I also learned that our bodies make it very tough to absorb this super-nutrient.  I wanted to enhance my everyday existence with this vitamin but how could I get it into my body?

The best approach is to get an injection or use a Vitamin B12 Patch once a week. This will deliver more vitamin B12 to your body than taking a dozen pills a day, and you’ll feel the difference immediately.  As my wife said: “I felt a warm buzz all day long….” That’s your metabolism thanking you.

Vitamin B12 Patches have exploded in popularity because they are a safe, efficient and inexpensive way to deliver the maximum amount of vitamin b12 to your body for use in converting food to energy.  Most multi-vitamin pills contain 100-200 microgram of the cyanocobalamin form of B12. This must be converted to methylcobalamin or before it can be used by the body….so look for a b12 patch that contains methylcobalamin like this.

Apply a new B12 Patch to a clean and dry area of the skin. You can place it on your neck (behind your ear), your wrist, outer deltoid, etc. Make sure it’s in a place that you can leave for up to 24 hours. The recommended use of one patch (1000 mcg) per week is based upon the dosage of a weekly B12 shot (1000 mcg). You may apply more than one patch per week as there is no upper limit on B12.

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