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Mosquito Patches Deet free perfect for kids. (24 PATCHES)

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Mosquito Patches Deet free perfect for kids. (24 PATCHES)

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Suitable for all ages as the patch does not need to be applied to the skin. The DEET FREE SQUEEZE AND STICK ANTI-MOSQUITO PATCH is a patented system which consists of a small cushion plaster (patch) containing microcapsules of essential oils. Suitable from birth as attach to clothing with no contact to the skin neccessary. Each box contains 24,48 or 60 patches which are activated by squeezing. Mosquitoes will buzz off when they get near the new Squeeze and Stick Mosquito Patch. All the patches are natural and DEET free, containing 60 mgs of micro encapsulated all essential Eucalyptus and Citriodora oils. These oils have been used since ancient times and are the most effective natural essences known for preventing insect bites. The patch is very useful and convenient. It can be adhered everywhere (on furniture, clothes or directly on the body). The product is registered at the EPA (Reg. N. 66551-3). FEATURES: - Worldwide patented (E.P. 0669802) - No contact between the active ingredients (essential oils) and the skin (limits possible risk of allergies or skin irritation) - Possibility to use 100% pure active ingredients, not diluted (high and long lasting efficacy) - No expiry date, even after opening the box. The patches only get activated when squeezed. Once squeezed lasts for up to 8 hours.

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