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Vie Stress Relief Patch

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Vie Stress Relief Patch

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Formulated with essential herbs to help promote relaxation and calm, the Vie Stress Relief Patch is designed to provide support in times of challenge. Active ingredients include the well-documented favourites valerian, hops and passion flower, and these are delivered direct into the bloodstream via your skin. Simply apply the Vie Stress Relief Patch to a clean, dry and hairless area of your skin when feeling stressed. Patches are discreet and can be left on for up to 24 hours; for easy removal, wet patch and peel off. Vie Stress Relief Patches use 100% natural ingredients. DISCLAIMER: The Vie Stress Relief Patch should not be used if pregnant or nursing. Anyone taking medication should consult a doctor, prior to use.
Valerian - 20mg, Humulus Lupulus (hops) - 10mg, Passiflora (passion flower) - 10mg

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