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Vitamin B12 Plus 10 High Strength Vie Patch

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Vitamin B12 Plus 10 High Strength Vie Patch

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Give your vitamin B12 levels that extra boost

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Give your vitamin B12 levels that extra boost
Ideally, we’d all like to get some more vitamins into our bodies, to boost our defences and improve our general well-being. Vitamin tablets are inefficient with less than 10% of their nutrients actually being absorbed by the body. However, with all our patches, 95% of the active ingredients make their way into the bloodstream. As well as reducing tiredness, the patch’s vitamins and minerals fortify your body’s immune system. For the older generation in particular, for whom our Vitamin B12 Plus 10 Patch isn’t quite enough, we recommend the Vitamin B12 Plus 10 High Strength Vie Patch.
You can read more about what the symptoms and causes of a low B12 balance in the body, before deciding to purchase.
How do our Vitamin B12 High Strength Patches work? The Vie Patch uses Transdermal Technology to deliver the natural active ingredients into the bloodstream through the skin. It is designed to release the active ingredients at a consistent rate over a period of time.
  • B12 (methylcobalamin)-5000 mcg
  • B3 (niacin) – 25mg, E – 15mg
  • B5 (pantothenic acid) – 10mg
  • B6 (pyroxidine) – 3mg
  • B2 (Riboflavin) – 2mg
  • B1 (thiamine) – 2mg
  • A (retinol) – 1mg
  • B9 (folic acid) – 500mcg
  • K – 150mcg
  • D – 125mcg
  • Apply the Vie Patch to a clean, dry and hairless area of skin.
  • Remove after 24 hours.
  • For easy removal – wet patch and peel off.
  • Apply a patch every 5 days. 

Customer Reviews

More energy Review by G Murdock
I used the patches as a alternative to the injections on myself. They do work and I definitely have a lot more energy. (Posted on 25/03/2014)
Keeps me topped up Review by Alih
I have a diagnosed B12 deficiency (PA), these patches give me a boost when I am feeling a bit tired. (Posted on 25/03/2014)
Great Product Review by Sarah
I have been using a sub-lingual B12 product. This seems to be more effective. (Posted on 20/02/2014)
Great Feeling Review by John
I can feel the increase in my energy (Posted on 20/02/2014)

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