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Vitamin B12 Plus 10 Patch

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Vitamin B12 Plus 10 Patch

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Those who are a little older than the rest of us, are especially in need of vitamin B12 supplements. The benefits of taking B12, to improve energy, stamina and general well-being, are well established.

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Those who are a little older than the rest of us, are especially in need of vitamin B12 supplements.

The benefits of taking B12, to improve energy, stamina and general well-being, are well established. As we grow older, it can feel like every aspect of our bodies is slowly falling a part and we are just aren’t as capable as we once were; and while many health concerns require prolonged medication and perhaps even surgery, increasing your vitamin B12 levels requires just a simple patch. It won’t rejuvenate your entire body overnight, but in conjunction with a sensible diet, the Vie Vitamin B12 Plus Ten Patch gives your system all the help it needs.

If you find that the Plus 10 Patch isn’t quite enough B12 for you, we recommend reading about our Vitamin B12 High Strength Patch. How do our Vitamin B12 Patches work? The Vie Patch uses Transdermal Technology to deliver natural, active ingredients into the body through the skin.

The ingredients are introduced through a timed release, gradually over 24 hours. That means no extra pills to remember to take.

  • B12 (methylcobalamin)-1000 mcg
  • B3 (niacin) – 19mg,
  • E – 10mg
  • B5 (pantothenic acid) – 5mg
  • B6 (pyroxidine) – 2mg
  • B2 (Riboflavin) – 1.7mg
  • B1 (thiamine) – 1.5mg
  • A (retinol) – 1mg
  • B9 (folic acid) – 400mcg
  • K – 80mcg
  • D – 5mcg
  • Apply the Vie Patch to a clean, dry and hairless area of skin.
  • Remove after 24 hours.
  • For easy removal – wet patch and peel off.
  • Apply a patch every 5 days.

Customer Reviews

Vie B12 Patches Review by I J FOTHERGILL
Having been diagnosed with B 12 deficiency two years ago I have been having injections every twelve weeks, the effects of the injections soon wear off and I begin to feel very tired and lethargic so I was looking for something to supplement my injections and found Vie B12 patches on Amazon. I started to use them and they have made a vast difference to my well being and I am starting to enjoy life again without feeling weary all the time. (Posted on 07/03/2014)
So far so good Review by E Smith
I'm in my thirties and have had full blown under-treated pernicious anaemia for almost a decade. I have tried oral sprays, which help a little but this product so far, is way better! I have used three patches to date and I actually feel awake. I'm past what I term "the dreaded six week mark" where I start feeling overly tired and irritable.
In all honesty,for PA sufferers these are certainly worth a try, they are a decent price and I personally haven't experienced any skin irritation from this product, despite having sensitive skin. I'm finding my sleep pattern a little strange, but I think this is due to years of sleep disruption rather than the product and I'm not feeling sluggish when I'm awake.
It was delivered fast and since the packaging is a plastic cover, it is easy to slip into a bag or pocket and I have just placed a second order.
I hope this review has been helpful. (Posted on 07/03/2014)
Amazing!!! Review by j harsanyi
My husband and I have both been using a competitor's product, as we are both vitamin deficient due to autoimmune diseases. We have ben wearing vitamin B12 patches in lieu of taking shots for about a year now, and they certainly work. But this product did something that no other remedy has - it gave my husband with chronic tiredness due to multiple sclerosis ENERGY! Other vitamin B12 patches have only B12; this patch has all of the B series vitamins, and I now wonder if he might be deficient in some of the lesser B vitamins that this patch has. What the general public doesn't understand is that most oral vitamin B12 never makes it into the bloodstream, as it is digested before it can be absorbed in the small intestines. These patches deliver the vitamin directly into the bloodstream, which makes all the difference in the world. And I think the additional B series vitamins offered solely by this particular brand are what is behind both of our surges of energy. Lots of products claim to give you energy; this is the only one I have tried that ever has. And it is cheaper than its competitors too! Thank you Vie patch for giving me my husband back. (Posted on 07/03/2014)
Good Quaility Review by Lorraine Wilson
good quality the best you can buy  (Posted on 20/02/2014)

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